Making Blyth Valley Great Again

The ONLY Blyth Valley candidate who voted LEAVE

Mark is a hard working family man, a regular ‘man of the people’. Mark is proud to have lived in Blyth all of his life, but has seen decades of decline throughout the North East.

Mark is very proud to say that he has lived in Blyth Valley his whole life.  


He knows what a great place it is and how much potential it has.  He genuinely cares about the area and is determined to achieve great things if he is elected as MP. 

“The warm and friendly residents deserve to have a representative who really cares and is committed to putting Blyth Valley first.  No compromise.”

He is the only candidate standing in the Blyth Constituency who voted to leave the European Union in the referendum.  He is determined to make sure that we leave the EU with or without a deal and to the benefit of the UK and not the EU.  

It is a fact that over 60% of the people here voted leave.  All the other parties are all fielding candidates who voted remain.  Mark is the only true Brexiteer.

Mark has worked day and night campaigning for the Brexit Party both before and after being selected as PPC.  This is in addition to being a dad, partner, employee and student!

Blyth has been a safe Labour seat for too long, the voters have been let down by career politicians who have forgotten what it is like to juggle work, family and studies in order to make a better life for their families.

Decades of being ‘forgotten’ has led to a decline that no longer should be ignored, Mark wants to bring growth to the area in terms of job creation and new industries.  Improvement in education, welfare and the health service.

Too many years of EU influence has caused destruction to so many of our industries from car making to fishing.  The money that we are sending abroad must instead be spent on investing in our communities and improving things locally for local people.

Until the Brexit Party there were really only two choices for voters in the Blyth Valley.   It is clear that neither of these parties are publishing a manifesto that meets the demands of the people who are repeatedly calling for their LEAVE vote to be honoured properly.

Voters from all parties are backing the Brexit Party, they are fed up with broken promises and are putting their trust in us.  We will give you Brexit and an MP who wants to make the most out of the best place to live in Britain. Blyth Valley.

He has excellent ideas on what Blyth Valley and indeed the whole region can become and aims to attract investment from goverrnment as well as private entities to our area.

He is committed to working with all levels of government and most importantly, you the people of our beautiful county.

He is the only candidate standing in the Parliamentary Elections here in Blyth who actually voted LEAVE in the EU referendum.

To the dismay of the people, the other parties are all fielding candidates who voted remain in the EU referendum a very frustrating situation where over 60% of the people voted leave.

Mark has worked hard on the streets of our towns since his selection as Parliamentary Candidate for Blyth Valley and continues to do so on a daily (and nightly!) basis, he’s a strong voice and is extremely passionate in his beliefs that Blyth can and should be better!

Blyth Valley has historically been a safe labour seat, speaking to the public has shown that there is very little chance of them switching to conservative.

On the streets it’s been a constant thing we hear, they’re tired of labour, tired of being ignored, saddened at what has become of our towns and villages. Decades of being ‘forgotten’ has lead to a decline that can no longer be ignored. Even traditional labour voters ‘want labour out‘. Susan Dungworth the labour candidate was selected from a ‘women only allowed’ list and has campaigned to remain a member of the EU, sitting idly by watching our towns decline.

The traditional conservative voters we’ve spoken to submit that there is ‘no chance’ for a Conservative candidate, so are voting for Mark and TBP 🙂

For decades there has only been really two choices for the people of Blyth Valley, but the Conservative voters find they can’t vote for Ian Levy, ‘He’s a remainer‘, ‘there is no chance of Conservatives in Blyth‘, ‘We want labour out‘ are the lines we hear daily, over and over again.

Years of EU destruction, issues like our fishing industry decimated, money going abroad instead of being invested in our communities combined with almost zero representation cannot be ignored.

People from all parties are coming to us and love the idea of a candidate who is approachable and will listen to them, a true representative for the people.

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