Blyth Valley has a future

Some ideas to revitalise our towns:

These are just a few of my personal Ideas for Blyth Valley Town Centres.

We will work closely with all levels of government assuring that you the people are never forgotten again.

Free market for six months trial period to try and attract more footfall in the town, get the market square more lively and bring back that ‘community feeling’. More community activities, i.e Groups, Bands, Dancing, Martial Arts – All local groups are invited to show the talent they have.

Police presence at all times in Blyth Valley, police back out patrolling our streets.

Blyth town centre community watch who are linked to the local police, achieving a rapid response to any issues.

Try to attract businesses with incentives, free business rates, help and support.

No houses of multiple occupancy in town centres, our high streets should remain as shopping areas.

Have community hubs in town centres – making it a more friendly place where people can meet up and discuss local issues as well as take part in the activities they enjoy.

Grants for conservation and repair of historic buildings and sites throughout the town. We’ve lost touch with the rich and valuable history in our townd.

We want Blyth to be a place to live, work, and visit. The town centre should be an attractive place for all to enjoy, an attractive place for both young and old to live, work and play. A place where people can prosper and entrepreneurs can achieve.

We have some great assets in Blyth, utilise these and attract investment.

Diverse retail and leisure, where sports and community centres are in proximity of retail outlets.

Better more accessible transport links.

If derelict buildings are left empty and in a state for six months:

Incentivise building owners to improve what are often derelict buildings in the town, if they refuse then consider compulsory purchase orders. Reward the ones that make the effort.